This is REMRETEch

Recycling key drivers of our economy

REMRETEch is commercializing the proprietary rare earth (RE) metals recycling technology from e-wastes. Rare earths are essential components of our industrial, social and personal sphere today right from cellphones up to the satellites… They would be the deciding factor of our green energy, climate change and e-mobility strategy realization.. 

Our Products and services

REMRETEch exploits the unique know-how in rare metals characterization, process developments from primary, secondary, e-waste resources, market and circular economy related prospects

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Analytics and consulting
for E-waste Feeds

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Sustainable process developments for metal recovery

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Recycled and purified metals production

Our Story

Modular process for critical metals using circular economy approach

REMRETEch is the output of  years of technology and business development efforts. Modular process design developed by us will disrupt the criticality of essential raw materials for Industry 4.0 transition; using circular economy approach. Our team is motivated to develop the new processes and roll out the new metals commodity and fine chemical products and business models which fits the boundary conditions of circular economy, urban mining and integrated e-waste and resources management. 

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Judicious use of ingredients

Selective and highly pure

High purity of metals

>99% pure Y, Eu, Tb, Nd and Dy

Circular economy

Developing sustainable resources

Our Processes

Selective and directly scalable technology.
Adaptable to different feedstocks of primary and secondary origin.

REMRETEch uses the solution chemistry approach to solve the problem of complexity of e-waste management and supply criticality of RE metals. The specific f-elements chemistry of these hard metals has been tuned in such was that our open pot process can handle different feedstocks and final >99% purity for individual REs could be reached in economic pathway with safe, environmental friendly and operational ease.

For taking care of your Rare earth Analytics, process developments and high purity Supply needs

We would be happy to hear your needs and approaches..